search for lost pets

Every year thousands of pets go missing.

Many of them doesn´t find their way home again for different reasons.

PET TRAILING DOG´S search for the individual pet using the scent of your specific animal.

Our trained staff and dogs will search an area to know if your pet has recently been there or not. They search for fresh tracks and what directions he/she most likely has followed.

Dogs that run away are easily frightened. Many doesn´t even dare to get close to their owners after only a day or so. We help locate your dog and assist you to get your pet back to safety.

"The Smeller"

To help our dogs search for your individual put some of your pets hair in a glass or plastic jar with the date and name on before it is lost.

This is especially important for multi pet households!'

If an accident has happened the Pet Trailer will use the scent of your "smeller" to find your pet.