Class Times

Monday - Socialisation Walk - morning

Morning, Social Dog Walk an easy walks around 1.5h with a chance for a coffee  and a chat afterwards.(Time change to suit temperature and daylight).

Thursday - Social walk - morning (back soon)

Morning, Social Dog Walk around 1.5-2h on a more terrain ground, join us for coffee afterwards. (Time change to suit temperature and daylight).

Saturday - Puppy Class - 10.00-11.00am

Suitable for puppies from 2nd* vaccination until 18/20 weeks old. Socialisation is the key to a well-balanced adult dog. Focus on the handler and basic manners are mixed with fun games with friends.

Shelter dogs and foster families are discounted in puppy and obedience classes.

* if the puppy had puppy Dp only, he/she also need the 1st DHPPI+L  before starting our Puppy Class.

Saturday – Beginners, 13.00-14.00

Teach your dog to focus more on you instead of on possible distractions.  

This course will cover.

  • Focus on owner instead of environment

  • Basic sit, down, stand and stay

  • Leash work and long line (work towards off leash) work

  • Recall- why your dog doesn't always come when called

  • Stay on the mat or in your bed

  • Don´t jump on visitors

  • And a lot more....

6 Saturdays Start 19th of October

Heeling to music -NEW class for Algarve! Coming back in spring 2018

Combines teaching your dog tricks and better heeling. The easy choreography that will impress all your friends! Suitable for dogs with some previous training.

Pilcan - Dogs on balance balls

Fun and a great way to improve body awareness for puppy and adult dogs alike.

Contact us for start date


Are you are interested in trying Flyball?

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Please note:

All courses require a minimum of 4 participants to go ahead.

Times may be subject to change, if another time or day is preferred by the participants of that particular course.

For more information contact Karin email;

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Dog Instructor/Trainer modules

June 2018

*Dog trainers train dogs without owner present no assessments or exams needed.

*Dog Instructors train dogs and owners. Assessments and exams for certification

Price for the full course 770€ + 110€  examination fee for instructors

Assistance dog and Therapy dog training

Contact karin.pawsitivedogs@gmail for more information

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