Behaviour Consultations

 A dog is the humans best friend!


Life with a balanced dog is fun loving and enjoyable 

 When life has become a nightmare who do you turn to?

Can you say yes to any of the below points consult our dog behaviourist

  • Fear of people , dog or other animals

  • Fear of thunder or sounds

  • Fear of the veterinarian

  • Fear of the groomer

  • Fear of being brushed, clipping claws, looking in the mouth or ears

  • Reactive to dogs  and / or people - showing teeth, growling, barking, lunging, biting

  • Barking exessively

  • Separation anxiety - crying, barking, chewing things e.g furnitures, destroying the garden

  • Suddenly changed behaviour from calm to excited or aggressive or other new sudden changes in behaviour seemingly without reason

Karin Holmström Forster a trained dog behaviourist has coached many dogs and owners to a happier life together. 

Karin does house calls and consultations at Pawsitive dogs school in Vale Telheiro. Revisits by Skype avaliable for long distance clients.

To book a consultation send an email to with a short explanation of your dogs issues.

Tel: 91 707 60 40

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