Become an Assistance- or Therapy dog handler  with Cilla Danielsson & Karin Holmström Forster

Cilla Danielsson has worked and educated both dogs and instructors to achive their goals in Sweden since 1998. Cilla - and her education - is approved by the Swedish sport organisation and the Swedish kennel club.
Now you have the chance to the course in Faro, Portugal.
First Module

Assistance dog – personality and behaviours

Practice with your own dog Basic


Retrieving och targets –

Second Module

Service dog training – own dog

Behavior Chains theory

and Practice

Third Module

Service dog training

Reports of diagnoses

Fourth Module

Service dog training

Professional approach

Fourth Module

Service dog training
Professional approach

Fifth Module

Service Dog Training

Odour Intro theory of the dog's

sense of smell and practice with your own dog

Sixth Module


Price on application

*Course is held in English only

*Extra dog training modules may be required if you are not already a dog trainer

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